Virtual Machines pricing

FelCloud Virtual Machines are designed for all budgets and workloads, starting from Atto.S (1 vCPU / 1Gb) to Zero.S (16 vCPU / 16Gb)
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Specs: 1 vCPU(s) / 1 GiB RAM
2.016 Monthly
Best Seller
Specs: 8 vCPU(s) / 6 GiB RAM
43,776 Monthly
Specs: 16 vCPU(s) / 16 GiB RAM
112.32 Monthly

Price of Flavors

Atto.S1 vCPU1 GB20 GB0.0028 €/hour
Atto.M1 vCPU2 GB50 GB0.0050 €/hour
Atto.L2 vCPU2 GB80 GB0.0108 €/hour
Femto.S4 vCPU2 GB120 GB0.0176 €/hour
Femto.M2 vCPU4 GB130 GB0.0324 €/hour
Femto.L4 vCPU4 GB150 GB0.0384 €/hour
Pico.S6 vCPU4 GB200 GB0.040 €/hour
Pico.M4 vCPU6 GB220 GB0.048 €/hour
Pico.L6 vCPU6 GB250 GB0.540 €/hour
Nano.S8 vCPU6 GB270 GB0.0608 €/hour
Nano.M6 vCPU8 GB280 GB0.066 €/hour
Nano.L8 vCPU8 GB300 GB0.072 €/hour
Micro.S12 vCPU8 GB300 GB0.080 €/hour
Micro.M8 vCPU12 GB400 GB0.088 €/hour
Micro.L12 vCPU12 GB400 GB0.092 €/hour
Milli.S16 vCPU12 GB500 GB0.104 €/hour
Milli.M8 vCPU16 GB500 GB0.120 €/hour
Milli.L12 vCPU16 GB500 GB0.136 €/hour
Zero.S16 vCPU16 GB600 GB0.156 €/hour
CPU.S8 vCPU2 GB100 GB0.040 €/hour
CPU.M16 vCPU4 GB200 GB0.084 €/hour
CPU.L24 vCPU8 GB200 GB0.136 €/hour
CPU.XL32 vCPU12 GB300 GB0.170 €/hour
CPU.XXL48 vCPU24 GB500 GB0.300 €/hour
RAM.XS2 vCPU8 GB50 GB0.025 €/hour
RAM.S4 vCPU16 GB100 GB0.041 €/hour
RAM.M8 vCPU32 GB200 GB0.069 €/hour
RAM.L12 vCPU48 GB200 GB0.100 €/hour
RAM.XL16 vCPU64 GB200 GB0.140 €/hour
RAM.XXL32 vCPU96 GB300 GB0.300 €/hour
RAM.XXXL48 vCPU128 GB500 GB0.390 €/hour
Atto.S1 vCPU1 GB20 GB2.016 €/month
Atto.M1 vCPU2 GB50 GB3.6 €/month
Atto.L2 vCPU2 GB80 GB7.776 €/month
Femto.S4 vCPU2 GB120 GB12.672 €/month
Femto.M2 vCPU4 GB130 GB23.328 €/month
Femto.L4 vCPU4 GB150 GB27.648 €/month
Pico.S6 vCPU4 GB200 GB28.8 €/month
Pico.M4 vCPU6 GB220 GB34.56 €/month
Pico.L6 vCPU6 GB250 GB38.88 €/month
Nano.S8 vCPU6 GB270 GB43.776 €/month
Nano.M6 vCPU8 GB280 GB47.52 €/month
Nano.L8 vCPU8 GB300 GB51.84 €/month
Micro.S12 vCPU8 GB300 GB57.6 €/month
Micro.M8 vCPU12 GB400 GB63.36 €/month
Micro.L12 vCPU12 GB400 GB66.24 €/month
Milli.S16 vCPU12 GB500 GB74.88 €/month
Milli.M8 vCPU16 GB500 GB86.4 €/month
Milli.L12 vCPU16 GB500 GB97.92 €/month
Zero.S16 vCPU16 GB600 GB112.32 €/month
CPU.S8 vCPU2 GB100 GB28.8 €/month
CPU.M16 vCPU4 GB200 GB60.48 €/month
CPU.L24 vCPU8 GB200 GB97.92 €/month
CPU.XL32 vCPU12 GB300 GB122.4 €/month
CPU.XXL48 vCPU24 GB500 GB216 €/month
RAM.XS2 vCPU8 GB50 GB18 €/month
RAM.S4 vCPU16 GB100 GB29.52 €/month
RAM.M8 vCPU32 GB200 GB49.68 €/month
RAM.L12 vCPU48 GB200 GB72 €/month
RAM.XL16 vCPU64 GB200 GB100.8 €/month
RAM.XXL32 vCPU96 GB300 GB216 €/month
RAM.XXXL48 vCPU128 GB500 GB280.8 €/month

pay as you go, billing is per second

Block Storage

Need more storage ? Attach a new volume to your instance and get more storage space.


0.04 € Gb/month

0.000056 € Gb/hour


0.08 € Gb/month

0.000111 € Gb/hour

Object Storage

With object storage, users can easily access files via an API or URL. It consists of clustered enterprise storage hardware and is designed to easily scale when using large amounts of data. Object storage is an inexpensive solution for storing, for example, images of instances, snapshots, photos, videos and backups.


0.01 € Gb/month

0.000014 € Gb/hour

Floating IP

A floating IP is a static public IP address that points to one of your Virtual machine,It allows you to redirect network traffic to any of your virtual machine.
Floating IP cost €3.6/month (roughly €0.005/hour)

Load Balancer

Load Balancer cost €4.0/month (roughly €0.00556/hour)